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Isabelle Roskam - Toxic  (2).jpg


Photo series about the plastic footprint.

Royal College of Art London (2018). 

When I saw pictures of all the plastics rubbish floating in the oceans,  I got fascinated by the way all the colors and plastics were looking beautiful in contrast with the blue water. As a visual artist I looked at the colors, shapes and fluidness of the materials and got inspired. There’s a huge contrast between the disposable human lifestyle and the balanced underwater world. A contrast between death and living. The plastics are attacking the breathing underwater environment and living creatures are suffocating. It’s absolute not a pretty picture and in my opinion there’s a metaphor in the first impression I got, the plastic as a medusa. We still got fooled by the plastic as if it’s the only solution.


I wanted to  use the plastic footprint as a base for a series of paintings. I started to create a plastic world on top of my paintings to let the ink and paint drip on to the canvasses to literally leave a footprint. That’s when I start taking pictures. Amazed by the power of the first photo I made a whole series of toxic pictures.
When I finished the photos I removed the plastics and still used the footprint as a base for two paintings: “Residu” and “Plastic River”.


The pictures and paintings has been a part of different exhibitions in London and Amsterdam.

TOXIC - The London Series


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