Isabelle Roskam - Atelier Honthorststraat 8 - 1071 DD - Amsterdam - The Netherlands -

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ISABELLE ROSKAM (Tilburg, 1984).  

I work with colors because of their intensity and adaptability to tell all kinds of stories. The bright and neon colors speak to me and provide my brain the freedom to go into a parallel universe to create paintings and transform objects.

Working with different materials is inspiring to me. However, paint is the one material I love working with most and will often be the base of my work.

For me it’s easier to express myself via paintings than via words. With my work I hope to give others an escape from their verbal surroundings into a more imaginary world.


My passion and the base of all that I create.


I need to work with the fluid freedom of paint.  The layers, the depth and the power of the colors are addictive to me. My mind needs to put the large amount of ideas in abstract color expressions. The more intens the colors are the more peace of mind I get.


Creating has always been a passion of mine, even since I was a child. When I was working in the glass studio and was surrounded by artist all the time, I felt that something had changed. It wasn’t just something I liked to do, it got to me. Painting was what I needed to do in a professional way. Since that day I’ve been pushing myself to keep exploring ways to express myself and my vision.

Creativity and entrepreneurship have always been a big part of my life. I started working in a glass studio in 2004 and learned to be a glassworker (art). I was surrounded by a lot of artist and I started to sketch, paint and create my own objects. During this time I made different pieces of art in public spaces and started organizing exhibitions. After six years at this studio, I started to working for a design company to learn more about being a creative entrepreneur. I knew that only making art, wasn’t going to be enough for me. I wanted to learn more about the whole process from creating to building a business in art. After five inspiring years at this label, it was time to stand on my own two feet. 


In 2015 I moved to Amsterdam and got my own studio. I collaborated with other artist and it all fell into place. I painted non-stop and made a lot of artworks and exhibit my work at galleries and studio exhibitions. I met lot’s of inspiring people and creative entrepreneurs. Amsterdam is my homebase, the energy of the city is pushing me to a higher level. I can’t wait for upcoming years to develop my skills and expand the reach of my work.


My ambition is to explore the hights of my abilities, keep creating and travel te world with my art. I want to work with different designers, companies and artist to inspire each other to unknown possibilities.


Creativity can be used in many different ways, I like to explore  different angles of creativity in art and business.