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Meet the MEMBERS

Connect and share the art.  

Via this concept we connect people through art. Every person owns a little part of a big painting. If you'd put all the pieces (MEMBERS) together you can restore the painting. How cool is it to own a painting together with your family, friends, colleagues or complete strangers around the world! Maybe you want to give a part to your lover, best friend or as a babyshower gift. MEMBERS by art. is a suitable gift for all occasions.The next step would be sharing pictures and stories of the little paintings traveling the world and the people they belong to. We can't wait for this to happen! 

How does it work?

A painting is created on paper and cut into little pieces. Each MEMBER is wrapped up in hand painted wrapping paper, so you don't see what's inside! 

You can choose a MEMBER of one of the paintings, what detail you'll get is a surprise!

Unpack the pieces and meet the MEMBERS.

The brave ones, the art travellers.

The story tellers and the painters.

Share the art and meet the people.

All MEMBERS are a part of one of the paintings below. Can you find your part? 

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